Tsw brand owned by ruggedman live at MISS ISOLO also get your tsw wear live at Laura ikeji store:::::   RUGGEDMAN COLLABORATES WITH LAURA IKEJI! 

Do not look shocked, Laura Ikeji has not decided to go into music......yet.

From March 1st, Ruggedmans Twentieth September Wears clothing line will go on sale at Laura Ikejis store.

Nigerian rap legend, Ruggedman is expanding the frontiers of his fashion brand.

The premium fashion line is now in business with the sprawling Laura ikeji store in Lekki.

The trendy shirts will now be available for retail from March 1, 2017 at the store located on 1 Arubieke Street on Admiralty Way in Lekki Phase one.

The 1st 10 people to buy a shirt have gifts to pick up. 

For those who prefer home delivery, the www.tswbyruggedman.com website will be launched officially as soon as TSW announces their official courier company. 

Follow Twentieth September Wears on twitter and instagram : @Tswbyruggedman 
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DON'T MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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